Ok, we are on a roll!

This episode join Charlie, Kris, Amanda, Bo, Vaughn & Andrew as we discuss The Frighteners! Almost everyone is sick but we aren’t wimps!

Da Tunes…

Ghost-If You Have Ghosts

Forbidden Dimension -Ghosts Run Wild

Cursive-This House Alive

Doug & The Slugs-Making it Work

Pour yourself a hot toddy and enjoy!

Coming up on episode 5: The Beast and the Magic Sword!



  1. Hey guys, just wanted to say this was a nice podcast review to The Frighteners. I heard lots of podcast which some come really annoying from some host but with you guys where fun to hear also was good hearing other stuff where i usually don’t put attention but the whole Friday the 13th and Poltergeist was fun.

    Hope to hear ya guys more especially October since you know it’s the month of Halloween!!! Like to see you guys do a few podcast talking about movies and Halloween what’s your experience.

    Finally, out of topic do you guys have done series review? I ask since i don’t know if anyone heard of GravIty Falls? Let just say it’s a mix of the X-Files, Twin Peaks and Eerie Indiana.


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